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A Child Is BornBill Rubenstein
00:00 / 13:13

I hesitated to include this because my bass playing is so incriminating, however I would be doing you a great disservice as you will have never heard anything close to the way Lenny Seed plays drums on this.  Also, all these tapes are 42 years old, and while I've tried to mitigate the distortion and noise with my recording software, some songs have fared better than others.  But please do listen to and enjoy Lenny's unbelievably unique drumming and, ofcourse, Bill's masterful piano playing on Thad Jones and Alec Wilder's "A Child Is Born."

Spring Is HereBill Rubenstein
00:00 / 06:16

Hear Bill's solo piano version of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart's masterpiece "Spring Is Here."

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