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How InsensitiveBill Rubenstein
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Without A SongBill Rubenstein
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Here's Bill playing Jobim's "How Insensitive," with Carl Dietz on drums and Vaughn DeForest on bass.  This song has lovely lyrics by Norman Gimbel and Marcus DeMoraes Vinicius Cruz, as well.

Here's Bill's solo version of Vincent Youmans, Billy Rose, and Edward Eliscu's "Without A Song."

Bill Rubenstein and I became friends around 1978.  I was 29, and Bill was about 48 or 49.  He was noted for the fact that just about every jazz singer wanted him to be his or her accompanist.  And just about every musician I ever knew would extol the virtues of his jazz piano-playing.  Despite (and not because, I hope) of his profound talent and legendary acclaim, opportunities to record were somehow never adequately extended to him, and this was (and is), I believe, criminal.  And so I've wanted to make up for this sin of omission by offering to you, who love music, these unique examples of Bill's extraordinary talent.  I'd love for you to appreciate just what an unbelievable contribution he has made to the art of jazz piano-playing.



Vaughn DeForest

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